Solar Charge Controller SML


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Solar Charge Controller -SML Series


SRCTR-SMl05 : 05A : RM 86.00
SRCTR-SML10 : 10A : RM 92.00
SRCTR-SML20 : 20A : RM 115.00

Our new SML controller is a state-of-the art device which was developed in accordance with the latest available technical standards. It come s with a number of outstanding features,  such as:

*   Clear, readable display of the state of charge

*   Acoustic signal when the state of charge changes

*   Low voltage disconnect regulated by state of charge or voltage

*   16 mm2 connector clamps

*   Complete electronic protection
Description of Functions

The charge controller protects the battery from being overcharged by the solar array and from being deep discharged by the loads. The charging characteristics include several stages which include automatic adaptation to the ambient temperature. It can automatically adjusts the system voltage  to 12V or 24V. and it has a number of safety with display functions.

1.Battery State-of-Charge display with 3 LEDs.

2.Acoustic load disconnect pre-warning.

3.PWM-regulation (series type).

4.Boost, Equal ize and Float charging, also for VRLA.

5.Automatic 12/24 Volt detection.

6.Integrated temperature compensation.

7.Large terminals (up to 16mm2 wire size).

8.SOC and voltage control led LVD.

9.Fully electronical ly protected


The SML series is a sophisticated solar charge controller family for low cost applications. The electronic circuit is equipped with a microcontroller that provides high-efficiency charging technology together with a number of outstanding status display, warning and safety functions.

The temperature-compensated three-stage PWM charging method (boost -equalization float ) is now adjustable to sealed and vented lead-acid batteries. The new version al so allows an either SOC or voltage controlled low voltage disconnect function. The battery status is clearly indicated by three LEDs.



As the first controller on the market in this price range it comes with an acoustic low voltage load disconnect pre-warning feature.




SML08  SML10 SML15 SML20
Max. module current 5A 8A 10A 15A 20A
Max. load current 5A 8A 10A 15A 20A
System voltage 12V/24V
Self-power consumption <4mA


Dimensions(W×H×D) 80*100*32mm

Type of protection IP22