Solar Charge Controller SMLNL


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Solar Charge Controller with Programmable Nightlight Function


SMLNL Series


*Clear with readable display of the state of charge
*Programmable Nightlight Function
*Detects day and night using the PV array
*Low voltage disconnected regulated by state of charge or voltage
*Accurate and fully circuits protection



SRCTR-SMLNL08 : 8A : RM 112.00
SRCTR-SMLNL10 : 10A : RM 117.00
SRCTR-SMLNL20A: 20A : RM 135.00

With your new SMLNL controller you own a state-of-the art device which was developed according to the latest available technical standards. It comes with a number of outstanding features, such as:



    • Clear, readable display of the state of charge and programmable nightlight function.
    • Detects day and night using the PV array
    • Programmable Nightlight Function
    • Low voltage disconnected regulated by state of charge or voltage
    • Complete electronic protection



Technical Data

Nominal voltage         :  12 / 24 V, automatic recognition

Boost voltage               : 14.5 / 29.0 V (25°C),2h

Equalization voltage   : 14.8 / 29.6 V (25°C),2h

Float voltage                 : 13.7 / 27.4 V (25°C)

Low Voltage Disconnect Function  : 11.4 – 11.9 / 22.8-23.8 V controlled by state of charge 11.0 / 22.0 V controlled                                                                        by voltage

Load reconnect voltage         : 12.8 / 25.6 V

Temperature compensation: -4 mV/cell*K

Max. solar panel current       : 5 / 8 / 10 / 15 / 20 A according to model number @ 50° C

Max. load current                    : 5 / 8 / 10 / 15 / 20 A according to model number @ 50°C

Dimensions                             : 80 x 100 x 32mm (w x h x d)

Weight                                       : 180gr

Max. wire size                          : 16 mm2 (AWG #6)

Self consumption                    : 4 mA

Ambient temperature range   : -40 to + 50°C

Case protection                        : IP 22

Night light Function

The charge controller has a load terminal which is prepared for nightlight operation and switches on for a selectable number of hours from the dusk. Dusk is recognized of the open circuit voltage of the solar array is lower than the setting of the controller.


There are 2 modes available.


Dusk to Dawn and Evening Mode. The mode can be selected in Programming Menu 1.


If EVENING mode is selected. Programming Menu 2 allows choosing the EVENING timing hours.


Mind that the load output is switched off as soon as the battery has reached the Low Voltage Disconnect threshold. The Low Voltage Disconnect has priority above the nightlight function.

The controller recognizes day and night based on the solar array open circuit voltage. In Programming Menu 3 this day/night threshold can be modified according to the requirements of the local conditions and the solar array used.

Both state changes require several minutes of continuous transition values before making the change. These restrictions avoid false transitions due to dark storm clouds or lightning.

Low Voltage Disconnect Function (LVD)

The controller has 2 different modes to protect the battery from being deeply discharged:

1. State of charge controlled: Disconnect at 11.4 V (at nominal load current) up to 11.9 V (at no load current). Normal operation mode for good battery protection.


2. Voltage controlled: Disconnect at 11.0 V fixed setting. Appropriate if bypass loads draw current directly from the battery.

Description of Functions


    • The charge controller protects the battery from being overcharged by the solar array and from being deep discharged by the loads.
    • The charging characteristics include several stages which include automatic adaptation to the ambient temperature.
    • The charge controller adjusts itself automatically to 12V or 24V system voltage.
    • The push button allows programming nightlight function.
    • The charge controller can be programmed for solar lighting application.
    • The charge controller has a number of safety and display functions